About Us

Saintfarm, a range of 100% certified organic food products are an outcome of 12 years of experience in organic agriculture. Sourced directly from farmers and processed under stringent quality measures, our 200+ products give you a truly organic experience.

Saintfarm is dedicated to sustainable farming methods keeping the harmony between humans and the natural world. Our farms and processing facilities are certified as per Indian and International standards. We’re fully engaged in every stage of the supply chain, right from providing the best tools to farmers, to expert packaging.


Our farms are inspected by third-party accredited certifying bodies as per Indian and international organic standards ensuring that all organic farm practices are followed. Saintfarm field officers constantly monitor the farms and assist farmers with organic agri-inputs and solutions.

What We Stand For

We believe that everyone deserves food that's CLEAN - free of pesticides, additives, or artificial ingredients. We endeavour to provide CLEAN FOOD with our range of 100% certified organic products that guarantee purity and reach your hands without any use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, additives, or artificial ingredients.

Quality Guaranteed

At Saintfarm, we exhibit a no-compromising attitude in terms of quality, to ensure that no impurity reaches your table. Our products are checked for quality parameters as per international standards and are tested in accredited laboratories for heavy metals, microbiological contamination, and over 180 pesticide residue compounds.

Our Quality Hallmarks
  • Use of well-defined specification sheet to regulate QC efforts
  • Standardized quality, testing parameters and shelf-life of the products
  • Final products that meet all organic quality guidelines
  • 100% replacement policy in case an issue arises after the purchase
Processing Units

Our central processing unit is certified by third-party accredited certifying bodies to ensure that the processing steps do not include the use of chemicals and preservatives.

We Are Certified

Organic certification is a measure to verify that food items are produced according to organic standards set by authorities such as NPOP, NOP, USDA, etc. The certification process is conducted by inspectors who carry out stringent quality checks thereby guaranteeing that the product adheres to the requirements and specifications enforced by the regulatory bodies. Consequently, as an end customer when you choose certified organic food products, you purchase 100% quality.

Our farms and processing facility are certified under the following International Organic and Fair Trade standards: NPOP (India Organic), NOP (USDA), EU (European Countries), etc.

Why Choose Saintfarm?
  • 100% certified organic
  • Fully integrated backend supply chain which guarantees a seed-to-plate experience
  • Largest range of clean food products
  • Environmentally conscious sustainable farming practices that are advantageous to farmers and the environment at large
How Saintfarm Works?

'Saintfarm', sounds like an oxymoron, doesn't it?

Fresh certified organic food, smack in the middle of the city, at an incomparable value. We know it sounds too good to be true and sometimes we find it hard to believe ourselves. But, trust us, it's happening now in your city.

Saintfarm wants to reach each and everyone passionate about organic food. We are committed to encourage and help all those people who believe in organic practice.

We cultivate, collect, process and market certified organic food under the brand name 'St'. We made a strategic business decision to concentrate exclusively on developing a complete range of organic products to support sustainable agriculture life in India and to offer safe and healthful products to people all over the world.

We procure our products from our contracted certified organic farmers, co-operatives, distributors, and individual farmers. We try to give our local farmers as much business as possible. All our supplies are certified organic by the NPOP, NOP, whose stringent standards ensure that no chemicals have been used from production to packing.

We offer a variety of organic food, from vegetables to pulses, from dal to flour, from rice to spices, from masala to instant food and from sweetener to super health food. We’ll deliver your orders all year round and as close to your kitchen table as you like.

How you can order
  • Download Saintfarm Mobile application or visit saintfarms.com
  • Register on Saintfarm with your Name, Mobile No., Email, Delivery address, etc.
  • Start exploring our wide range of organic products
  • Add your desired products to the cart
  • Check your final list
  • Make the payment
  • Get your organic food at your doorstep